Fleet Cards

Fuel Discounts at the Big 5 Gas Stations, 1000's of independent stations - direct to your yard! The FleetCard is built for you and your operation to save money while taking advantage of a nationwide network.




FleetFuelz Fleet Card provides you with around the clock access to our nationwide network of fuel distributors. Regardless of your vehicle sizes or class, we have the right solution for your Fleet. We recognize that no two companies are the same, and so FleetFuelz has worked tirelessly to develop a Fleet Card that can be custom-built to your unique needs. The Fleet Card network and managing tools we provide you with allow for tracking, planning, and adjusting all aspects of your fueling with ease.


FleetFuelz Fleet Card provides our users with real-time data into the reporting transaction details of where, when, and who fueled recently in your fleet. Holding your Fleet accountable to their fueling permissions has never been easier.


FleetFuelz Fleet Card gives our users the power to create and set profiles for each individual drivers and departments of your entire fleet. Setting up Fuel times, gallon limits, and product types allows your to control your overall fuel consumption with ease.


FleetFuelz Fleet Card is optimized to work for your Fleet no matter the size!

  • Small Fleets
    • FleetFuelz Fleet Card is the fastest way for a growing business to drive real savings, with automatic online accounting and reports, controls on employee spending, purchase alerts, and available rewards.
  • Large Fleets
    • FleetFuelz nationwide network covers fuel delivery and retailers in every zip-code in the US! This enables unmatched data capture, detailed reporting, efficient controls, and top-of-the-line analytics to assist you in making the cost-effective decisions

Complete Control of Your Fuel Expenditures

FleetFuelz has optimized our business to make yours easier and simpler to manage, that is why we developed the Fleet Card. FleetFuelz Fleet Card allows our customers to monitor every driver, dollar, and drop of fuel that comes in and out of their Fleet. Through the use of our Fleetcards, we give you the power of convenience, control, and accountability to help you properly manage your fuel expenses drop by drop