Getting Ahead on Your Fuel Spend – Fleetfuelz FleetCard

Jun 18, 2020

What Can a FleetCard Do?

The Fleetfuelz FleetCard is built by Fleets, for Fleets. If having any number of vehicles on the road is a part of your business, fuel is playing a large role in your expense account. Our FleetCard can provide your company with consistent savings beyond what you believe you can save at the pump. 

FleetFuelz FleetCard gives your company complete control over your employee’s fuel spend, tracking of purchases made online, provide you with detailed reporting to keep track of every drop of fuel, and much more. However, most importantly, this will save yourself time & money.

Automatic Accounting

Our FleetCard provides your company or fleet with real-time details such as average fuel spends per trip, amount saved, sales tax spent, and more that is captured with every purchase. The great part is that it is all put into one invoice for you so that you can keep track of and download these reports each month!

Fuel More Securely

We believe in driver security, and that is why Driver IDs will be kept secure for every transaction to keep transparency between you and your drivers. Know who spends what, where, and when each time they use the card. In addition, we allow complete optimization to set the purchase limits that works best for your operation.

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