Retail Fuel Solutions



Accepting our fuel card at your location is easy. No complicated applications or fees.


Increase sales by FleetFuelz national target marketing.


Less Fees than all other Fuel Cards.


Expedited settlements.

Retail Station Service

FleetFuelz Fuel Card is a national used program connecting over 3000 retail merchants together with over 100,000 card holders



Your client activity will be viewable from a dedicated portal to show the increase in sales your at location.

Business Development

Revenues from new business directed to your site will increase as well as concession sales will double by added client traffic.

Location on Map

As a fuel card merchant, your station will be listed as a retailer ready to take on all the new business .

Strategic Concept

Market direct targeting.
Increased Revenue
New Client Acquisitions
Reduced Fees

Off Road Diesel Programs

we provide Station Efficiency


Provide your LOCAtions with fuel

FleetFuelz offers fuel solution stations with point of sale systems to run 24 hours, unmanned and increase efficiency for your company. These units are DOT approved, Portable with a full fuel managment system to literally place anywhere at your yard or site. Ask us how to get your own system for free with our rebate program!

our Red Dye programs


Lease to own for as low as $499.00 per month or partner with FleetFuelz
with no out of pocket cost, rebate programs can make this unit free.*


Automatic Fuel Delivery provided by FleetFuelz, Nationally.


Accepts all Fuel and Fleet Cards! WEX, ComDATA, CPS, FleetFuelz


Swap and Go Red Dye 106G full pump tanks for exchange revenue!


DEF Soulitions and stand alone DEF dispensors.


Swap & Go Red Dye exchange tanks

*Requires a FleetFuelz Fuel Contract


On-Road or at Site fleet card entire company… single card….

preview-full-Fuel Card