Mobile-Fleet Fuel

FleetFuelz understands that the downtime each truck or piece of equipment spends while running low on fuel could mean lost revenue for your endeavor, and we aim to eliminate that downtown for your operation. Our Mobile Fleet is at your service to bring your Fuel directly to you so that we can help reduce your downtime. We provide high quality diesel, propane, kerosene, and DEF directly to your site.

Benefits of Mobile Fleet Fuel


Improved equipment productivity


The ability to control your fuel-spend


Money saved on Labor Spent performing fuel related tasks


Real-time reporting


No more time wasted fueling at a station

Fleet Fuel Management On The Go

Quit wasting time at the gas station, FleetFuelz will bring your fuel to you.

FleetFuelz is no stranger to the ever evolving problems Fleets and Business run into each and every day. However, we at FleetFuelz don’t believe fuel should ever be a problem. We work around the clock to provide companies and Fleets with fueling solutions unique to each and every client based off their day to day needs. No two companies are the same, and we understand that.

FleetFuelz is your personal fuel concierge service unlike any other before it.

Whether you have a jobsite that needs fueling, a couple trailers, or an entire Fleet of trucks, FleetFuelz is equipped to assist on a daily basis.

FleetFuelz ensures that you don’t lose productivity by providing you with on-site fueling services that will keep your equipment fueled when they’re not in use.


The FleetFuelz Wet Hose Services, On or Off-Site are critical to an efficiently fuel managed company. Companies that utilize large fleets of trucks acknowledge the importance of having their drivers on the road, doing exactly that…. driving.

Downtime Wet Hosing, also known as mobile fueling, fleet fueling, or on-site fueling, is the process of filling the tanks of large commercial vehicles from tank trucks. These tank trucks are driven to locations where trucks that require fuel and are not in-use can be stationed. As a Class II Combustible Fluid, diesel is the only type of fuel that wet hosing services offer. Gasoline is classified as a Flammable Liquid and is therefore not approved for mobile fueling in most cases, especially public locations.

FleetFuelz mobile fueling is conducted in various places like farms, logging operations, local fleet companies’ yard and construction sites. The wet hosing of on-road vehicles has been practiced in many areas for decades, although the total amount of diesel used to refuel these vehicles has been considerably smaller than that of off-road vehicles. As many of us know and witness daily, most on-road vehicles are taken to fixed-base fueling stations for refueling. Not Anymore! 

FleetFuelz offers a more cost-effective strategy to refueling large fleets of trucks: wet hosing or mobile refueling. More and more commercial businesses are incorporating on-site fueling into their fuel and lubricant management solutions, specifically to monitor fuel and oil consumption, gather equipment usage data, and evaluate product inventory.


Benefits of Wet Hosing with FleetFuelz reputable and seasoned mobile fueling distributor partners in which they have the foresight to service a company’s fleet overnight or whenever they are not in use. With regard to equipment, on-site fueling experts can also help ensure that the right lubricant product is used for specific types of equipment. Using the wrong lubricant can cause serious damage to valuable and expensive equipment. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of wet hose fueling is the sheer amount of savings that companies can gain from it.

THE AVERAGE Fill time can take overall about 15 minutes per compartment and there it also depends on how many nozzles are on the transfer station. If there is one for each section being loaded (say 3 compartments) and 2 nozzles then about 40 minutes, so with wait time for the truck in front of you to finish and get on the road, count on a good hour to an hour and a half.

What does that cost? Try close to $0.50 per gallon. This is factual data. Driver Time – The most valuable resource your fleet owns.

Truck drivers are a limited resource and they cost more than you can usually measure in money alone. Without calculating the lost productivity of your truck, you are paying over $10 each time you allow your drivers to stop for fuel. Just the out of route, stopping, and getting back on the road time will put refueling your own trucks at a half-hour of lost time. As the average fill-up we see is under 150 gallons, fueling your own trucks will cost you $.20 to $.50 a gallon in labor costs alone.

Getting drivers on the road and without a reason to be out of route pays back dividends. If you pay productivity bonuses, your most productive drivers will thank you as well. Even in fleets where pay is by stop, not based on hourly wages, the ability those few times a year when drivers are so busy they are bumping up against DOT work rules, they will thank you for the convenience of being ready to go the start of each shift and not having to worry about that one more stop on the way back to base. A few extra stops a year is often worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line–more than the cost of a tank of diesel.

If your fleet is consistently on overtime or short that one extra hour of legal driver time, picking up fifteen to thirty minutes per truck a few times a month can be a huge opportunity. If your drivers always seem to be bleeding into overtime or missed stops, you want on-site fueling.

FleetFuelz refueling solution solves the complex problem of dispatching in a world short of drivers and facing unpredictable traffic. Mobile Onsite refueling or “Wet Hose” fueling is a solution that will push more money to your bottom line and reduce stress on your drivers. FleetFuelz can also merge our mobile onsite refueling service with our national Fleet Card system to give you one bill and easy reports for your fuel tax reporting by license plate and equipment number. Our application will accept our CPS fuel cards, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, WEX, ComData, FuelMAN to name a few. All your mileage data will be tracked through your third-party software without missing a beat.

Streamlining their route without consideration for fuel will pay back rapidly. With a simple change in what a driver has to consider at the start and finish of their day, efficiencies are immediately seen with wet hose fueling. Most of all, this is seen if you are pulling your drivers out of the productivity-killing NIGHTMARE that are truck stops. Truck stop’s may show a good diesel price, but they are making it up when your drivers wait in line inside the store while on the clock. Fuel while you sleep! With FleetFuelz onsite arrival during downtime, you will be refuelled, and DEF topped off. Wake up to a ready to go truck and money is made. Our services through our free application will allow you to click a button, order fuel and DEF, set the gallons and see the price. Track the fuel driver in case you are up early and would like to get rolling. Yes, this is here now, and we developed it. At below pump prices too.

Thank you for considering FleetFuelz On-Site Wet Hose program, we do not have a minimum, no order is too small or too large for us to handle. 10 to 10,000 Gallons, we will complete your order as promised and confirmed through our exclusive application-based tool.


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